King Dinosaur @ Jug Jaws Beat Club (Supporting Joe Gideon)

Review & photos by Richard Shashamane of Norwich Blog

King Dinosaur kicked things off, a band I have only seen once before but memorably it was at a previous Jug Jaw’s night when they had the place absolutely rocking, so much so that two police officers asked to come downstairs and take a look investigating nothing but their curiosity at the lively music drifting onto the streets above from the undergound venue. They have a new bassist since that gig, with the coolest mod look he looked a perfect fit at Jug Jaw’s. An equally cool guitarist blasting out some massive riffs on his Gretsch guitar and a huge singer who also plays drums standing at the front of the stage … or rug. Their sound is big and so powerful through these vintage amps and speakers. Less rockabilly than I remember them from that last gig but sounding good.  A few people were still arriving while they were playing and that must have created such a strong impression if any of those people were coming to their first Jug Jaw’s night.

King Dinosaur @ Jug Jaws Beat Club (Supporting Joe Gideon)

Review & photos by David Auckland of Outline Magazine

King Dinosaur are the support, their first return to The Crypt since replacing their double bass player with an electric bassist, and having written a completely new set of material. The rockabilly influences are still there, but in has come a much punchier rock and blues sound. Drummer Rob is also the lead vocalist, and stands behind a very contemporary cocktail kit to perform – way more dynamic and effective than sitting behind a traditional kit (à la Spring King). They remind a lot of what bands like Kitty, Daisy and Lewis do now so successfully, mixing the new with the retro, but with echoes of Yardbirds, Small Faces and Dr Feelgood also thrown into the mix. The bass player, Simon, looks as if he's just walked off the set of Quadrophenia. A high-energy set with which to start the evening. Catch these guys if they pop up at a venue near you.